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Game Rules

Tournament Rules

... are defined according to the "Regulation of the implementation of indoor soccer torunaments" as stated by the SFV. If there are any unclarities, the tournament committee has the final word. It's decision is final and unchallengeable.

Tournament Run-Out

Payment of 180,- CHF is to be made via credit slip before the tournament begins. After tournament start it costs 250,- CHF

Game Entitlement

All games are managed by an official referee. Insults made towards the referee will be forwarded to the SFV and can be penalized with being barred from the game.


You may only use sneakers without black soles. Jewellery is forbidden. We highly recommend the use of shin guards.


Every player has to provide their own insurance. The operator is not liable for theft inside the hall or coatroom, nor for damage done to the personal items of the players. Valuable objects should not be left in the coatrooms.


You may not smoke, eat or drink inside the hall (including the stands). All rooms should be kept clean and in order. Playing soccer inside the hallways is forbidden.


The first 4 teams earn an award.


You may only play using sneakers without black soles.

Playing Field

The playing field is defined by the sidelines on both sides. Indoor goals (5 meters) will be used.

Space allocation and kick-off

The team first called is considered to be the "home team" and kicks off. Home team play from side I in direction of the other side (marked by boards put up behind both goals).

Game Rules

We refer to the indoor regulations of the SFV. Eyceptions and the most important rules will be explained here in excerpts.

Player Substitution

Players may be substituted. You may switch on the fly from the player's bench. Switched players may re-enter the game. Switching players between participating teams is not allowed. If this happens, the whole team gets disqualified. A player may only be part of one team per category. If a team has more than 5 players on the field (as noticed by the referee or the tournament organisation), the following penalizations shall take place:

  1. Free kick indirectly against the penalized team
  2. 2-minute penalty

Playing Time

A game takes 9 minutes without pause or changeover. Time is taken by an official, completely electronic indoor match clock, used by the tournament organisation. Every team which does not compete with at least 2 players at the time set forth in the tournament program or competes too late (we will wait at least 3 minutes) will lose the game 3:0 forfait.

Goalkeeper Rule

Goalkeepers watch out! The back pass rule is in effect! If the goalkeeper has caught a ball, he may throw it directly towards the half-way line with his hands.

Goal Kick

If the ball has passed the baseline, there will be a goal kick (unless it is a corner kick). The ball may not be kicked directly above the half-way line. Players of the other team have to leave the goal box during a goal kick. The goalkeeper may only throw or kick the ball inside the own half of the field (this means the ball has to touch the ground or another player before it can be passed into the other side). If the ball is thrown unto the opposing team's side, an indirect free kick made from the half-way line follows.

Player distance during free kicks

All free kicks may only be made indirectly. The distance during free kicks is 3 meters.

Fly height of the ball

If the ball touches the hall's ceiling or any kind of machinery above the field, play is stopped and will recommence with a free kick made by the opposing team underneath the space where contact was made. Exception: Inside the goal box the ball will be set back to the circle line.

Corner kick

The ball has to be rolled in with the hand underneath it.


Der Ball muss mit der Hand von untern eingerollt werden


Whoever plays rough, reclaims or otherwise behaves unsportsmanlike gets a 2 minute dismissal. Dismissed players may not be substituted. Note: The missing player takes a seat on the bench underneath the electronic match clock (across the stands) for the course of the dismissal.

Violent conduct and gross unsportsmanlike behavior will result in a match penalty for the whole playing time. The player who was given such a match penalty may not participate in the tournament on that matchday. The dismissed player may only be substituted in the following match. The referee's decisions are binding for the tournament organisation and may not be challenged.

Open Points

The team captains have to sign in with the tournament organisations 20 minutes before their first game. The captain is responsible for informing all players and liable for the conduct of his team. The captain always reports the game's result at the referee table once the match is over.

Teams who do not participate without offering an excuse for this or who deregister at the last minute, making finding a substitute impossible, are not entitled to reimbursement. There is no offset date.

If any rules have been violated, the team may by disqualified after the tournament.

The rules follow the SFV regulations, with the following exceptions:

  1. The offside rule is omitted.
  2. Free kicks are made indirectly and with a distance of 3m.
  3. Back passes towards the goalkeeper are not allowed.
  4. An injured player may be substituted.
  5. Yellow card = 2 minute penalty.
  6. Red card = Dismissal from the tournament for the affected player.

If an opponent does not compete within 5 minutes of the set time of the match, the match will be recorded as a 3:0 win for the team. If the goal difference results in an advantage or disadvantage for another team, all games shall be judged as 0:0 and only the points will be used. Every team has to be present half an hour before their match begins dure to possible time shifts.

If a team deliberately loses its last group match so that another team can advance, the team is disqualified. All others win the game 3:0 forfait, even if they would have already won the game 3:0.

Each group within the different categories plays free for all. The team with the highest number of points is the group winner. If the score is level, the following decides:

  1. Direct encounter
  2. Goal difference
  3. Number of scored goals
  4. Penalty shots

IN FINAL GAMES: There is no play-off in case of differences. Penalty shots will be taken directly

All teams at the top of their group and the seconds of each group compete for the final matches as according to the IMSC system.

We expect all participants to play fair and in a sportsmanlike and respectful manner regarding other players, referees and the tournament organisation. 


The operator retains the right to debar teams who behave in a grossly undisciplined manner. Protests have to be made before the end of the game at the latest.

Unforeseen cases

In the case of anything not covered by these regulations, the tournament organisation has the final decision. In case of injured players, helpers or spectators, the tournament operator is not held responsible.

Final provisions

By taking part in the tournament every team accepts these regulations and their terms.