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There's no game without rules...

...and of course without a referee! This is why all games of the IMSC Tournament take place under the direction of a refereee who is a registered member of the Football Association and will be in charge of making sure the rules of the game and tournament are kept!

Rules of the game

The rules of the game mostly correspond to those of "normal on-the-grass football" apart from a few exceptions, which are needed due to the different field. The style of playing on an indoor-football-field mainly matches Futsal, which is much less physical and rough and offers a better flow of play and more room for technically appealing football. You can find out more about the game rules if you click on the corresponding link on the left.

Tournament Rules

If you click on "Tournament Rules" on the right you can find anything you need to know - about the organisation and implementation of the tournament, how the groups are formed, how you qualify for the intermediate and final matches, playing time, etc.

IMPORTANT: The tournament rules for the Day Tournament currently have 48 teams in mind while those for the Night Tournament are made for 24 teams!